Updates 2020
Published: 2020-02-03

2020-03-21: Covid19

As grid computing efforts toward combatting Covid19 have come to the forefront, we have devoted more of our CPU time to Rosetta@Home.

We’ve also dialed back the GPU work we were doing for Einstein@Home and Asteroids@Home; we are now only crunching WUs for them when there are no WUs available from GPUGrid.

This means that our current blend of compute resources is 50/50 Rosetta and WCG on the CPU side of things, and 100% GPUGrid (again, unless they do not have work available) on the GPU side. We’re all in on biomedical research right now.

2020-01-13: One century of WCG compute time

Just over two years since founding our team, we’ve hit 100 years of CPU time in support of World Community Grid projects. We’re very happy and proud of this, but the work goes ever onward.

2020-01-13: 50 million points; GPGPU

Points in BOINC are a lot like points in Whose Line, but it’s worth noting when a big number goes by anyway. Sometime last week, we passed 50 milion points across all projects.

Also, in the past 2 weeks we’ve gotten back into GPGPU crunching, meaning that we’ve returned to GPUGrid and Einstein@Home.

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