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Published: 2019-03-22

2019-03-22: Badge and milestone

mdxi has hit Silver (45 day) in Help Stop Tuberculosis, and as a team we’ve hit 15 years of CPU time for Mapping Cancer Markers.

2019-03-13: Team ranking milestone

As of today’s statistics run, Firepear is a top 1500 team. In fact, we are ranked exactly 1500th by WUs, and exactly 1400th by points (we go by WUs completed, because points are a bit wibbly).

That said, we’re now gaining very, very slowly on the teams still ahead of us. We’re not going to go much further until we get more computing housepower later this year.

2019-03-08: Milestones

Today we reached 3 years of CPU time on the Fight AIDS @ Home 2 subproject, and 5 years on Microbiome Immunity Project.

Sometime recently while we weren’t looking, team member mdxi became a top 5,000 user.

2019-03-01: New team member badges

birdmoot got the Ruby (180 day) badge for FAH2 today.

2019-02-27: Compute time milestone

Team Firepear reached 30 years of CPU time for World Community Grid today.

With all four nodes crunching, our compute time and WUs crunched numbers are really racking up quickly.

2019-02-25: New team member badges

Today birdmoot hit Emerald (1 year) of compute time for the Microbiome Immunity Subproject.

2019-02-20: New team member badges

mdxi has hit 10 years of compute time on the Mapping Cancer Markers subproject, getting his first second tier Diamond badge.

2019-02-16: New team member badges

birdmoot recently hit Ruby (180 days) in OpenZika and Bronze (14 days) in Help Stop TB.

2019-02-06: node04 online

We are up to full strength, with the addition of our fourth, and final planned, compute node. Our hardware configuration should be static until the summer when the Ryzen 3x00 processors are released.

2019-01-19: A quarter-century of compute

With today’s stats refresh, Team Firepear has over 25 years of cumulative compute time for World Community Grid. That’s nowhere near the big leagues, but we’re proud of what we’ve been able to contribute.

2019-01-14: One Year Anniversary!

A year ago today, Team Firepear was founded and began crunching for science. The overwhelming bulk of our work has been for World Community Grid, so here’s what our stats look like as of this evening’s update:

  • Total runtime — 24y 162d 14:23:14 (rank 3,150)
  • Results returned — 114,877 (rank 1,785)
  • Top subproject — Mapping Cancer Markers, with 10y 275d+ runtime and 29,196 WUs

That’s a pretty good start, but this year we’ll be doing more. Last year we started off with 2 cores/4 threads. We’re starting this year with 22 cores/44 threads. Soon that’ll be 3264, and who knows what will happen after the Ryzen 3X00s drop!


In a lovely little New Year’s surprise, we have crossed 10 years of compute time on the Mapping Cancer Markers subproject of World Community Grid!

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