Grid updates 2018
Published: 2018-12-31

News and Updates


After a week offline due to work on Homefarm, all our nodes are back up and crunching to close out the calendar year, and our first year as a team.


So many milestones here at the end of the calendar year! Today we returned our 100,000th work unit for World Community Grid.


We are now in the top 2000 teams on WGC, by both points and WUs returned – and we’re still not quite a year old!


Today we passed another milestone: two decades of compute time for WCG. Current total time as of the most recent stats run is 20y 008d 07:15:59.


Today we broke into the top 5k BOINC teams, worldwide: our BOINCstats ranking moved from 5,004 to 4,994.


Compute for the Cure is over – how did we do? We finished 7th out of 40 teams. We were 1138 WUs ahead of 8th place, and 248 WUs behind 6th place. Our highest ranking during the challenge was 4th, which we held for 2 days. We feel pretty good about our showing, especially since the team ahead of us has 602 members!

We crunched 5402 MCM WUs, bringing our total for the subproject to 20,932 WUs (and 7y255d of runtime).

The first place team, Gridcoin, crunched 309,615 WUs, which is about 3.5X more than the rest of the teams combined.

MCM now has 914,130,617 WUs completed, 7,153,932 more than 2 weeks ago. The subproject’s total runtime was 446,163 years 269 days as of the end of the challenge. It is now 65% complete (2% higher than when the challenge began).


The clock just ticked over to 15 October UTC, which means the Compute for the Cure challenge is on. We’re all-in on this one, having switched all nodes to run only Mapping Cancer Markers WUs for the next 15 days.

As of right now, MCM is at 906,976,685 WUs done, yet the project is only 63% complete. We’re hoping that this challenge moves those numbers up a good bit.

Our MCM WU count is 15,530. That should definitely go up a good bit :)


After a motherboard swap, node02 is back in service.


It’s been a bad month for hardware. Over the weekend we suffered a cooler pump failure on node03, which led to it being shut down through most of the WCG 2018 THOR challenge. Still, we came 35th out of 83 teams. Not bad!

node03 is back online as of last night, running with air cooling for now.


Team Firepear breaks into the top 2500 teams on WCG.


Restart crunching for GPUGrid and Primegrid.


node03 built and brought online, but node02 suffered a motherboard failure!

What’re the odds?


One decade of WCG compute time.


node02 built and brought online.


Team Firepear founded at WCG.