Grid Computing @ Firepear
Published: 2020-03-25

We believe in the power of science and a knowledge-based approach to life in general. So we’re proud to be a part of several community grid computing projects which work to solve open problems in medicine, environmental science, and mathematics.

Our work

We’re currently active in World Community Grid, Rosetta@Home, Einstein@Home, GPUGrid, and Asteroids@Home. You can check out our detailed stats across all projects.

WCG brief stats

Updated every 5 years of CPU time. A WU, by the way, is a “workunit”; a packet of computational tasks sent by the project and returned when complete.

Subproject Team CPU Time Team WUs Subproject status
Africa Rainfall Project 87 days+ 163 Active
Microbiome Immunity Project 23 years+ 137_000+ Active
Smash Childhood Cancer 4 years+ 40_000+ Active
Help Stop TB 179 days+ 407 Active
FightAIDS@Home 2 10 years+ 30_000+ Active
Mapping Cancer Markers 64 years+ 181_000+ Active
Beta Testing 27 days+ 208 Perpetual
OpenZika 7y 290d 04:23:01 65_778 Complete (2016-05 to 2019-12)
Outsmart Ebola Together 3y 101d 15:01:33 9_312 Complete (2014-12 to 2018-12)
115 years+ 466_000+

Other stats

Project Team CPU Time Team WUs Status
Rosetta (bioinformatics) 4 years+ 5_000+ Active
GPUGrid (bioinformatics) 33 days+ 441 Active
Einstein (astrophysics) 81 days+ 3_000+ Active
Asteroids (astronomy) 324 days+ 4_000+ Active

Our projects

  • We develop the Homefarm cluster orchestration suite
  • we created the Greenhouse multi-machine chassis project

Our fleet

These machines run 24/7/365, crunching workunits.

Machine CPU Cores RAM GPU
node01 Ryzen 3900X 12c24t 16GB
node02 Ryzen 3900X 12c24t 16GB
node03 Ryzen 3900X 12c24t 16GB
node04 Ryzen 3900X 12c24t 16GB
node05 Ryzen 2700 8c16t 8GB GTX 1650S
node06 Ryzen 2700 8c16t 16GB GTX 750 Ti
64c128t 88GB

Team news

For more in-depth information on computing milestones and plans, check out our most recent updates.