We believe in the power of science and a knowledge-based approach to life in general. So we’re proud to be a part of several community grid computing projects which work to solve open problems in medicine, environmental science, and mathematics. Our work We’re active in World Community Grid, GPUGrid, and Primegrid You can check out our stats across all projects, and here’s a quick look at our work on WCG subprojects:
2019-03-22: Badge and milestone mdxi has hit Silver (45 day) in Help Stop Tuberculosis, and as a team we’ve hit 15 years of CPU time for Mapping Cancer Markers. 2019-03-13: Team ranking milestone As of today’s statistics run, Firepear is a top 1500 team. In fact, we are ranked exactly 1500th by WUs, and exactly 1400th by points (we go by WUs completed, because points are a bit wibbly).
This is the development diary for Greenhouse, my attempt to build a DIY compute farm in a box. In other words, a multi-machine chassis. 2018-11-01 — Introduction and Plan The core idea is to assemble individual compute nodes on trays, in the most compact way feasible, and then to stack nodes atop each other in an enclosure. The components of each node will be: A tray made from some thin, rigid, wood-based board.
News and Updates 2018-12-24 After a week offline due to work on Homefarm, all our nodes are back up and crunching to close out the calendar year, and our first year as a team. 2018-12-12 So many milestones here at the end of the calendar year! Today we returned our 100,000th work unit for World Community Grid. 2018-12-03 We are now in the top 2000 teams on WGC, by both points and WUs returned – and we’re still not quite a year old!