Grid updates 2019 2019-05-21
2019-05-02: A Return to GPGPU This weekend we added a GTX 1650, and returned our venerable GTX 750 Ti to service. We benchmarked them against each other on Primegrid WUs before adding a new project: Einstein@Home! As soon as GPUGrid gets their Linux client functional again, we’ll be running all three on our GPUs. We also plan to outfit each machine in the farm with a GTX 1650. 2019-05-02: CPU Time Milestone Team Firepear has reached 40 years of CPU time in WCG.

GTX 1650 vs GTX 750 Ti 2019-05-19
After months of pondering what GPU to use to get my compute farm back into crunching GPGPU workunits, I was persuaded by a recent review to order a GTX 1650 and give it a go. Background and lead-up Years ago, I was reading stories about how Linux support on Steam had really improved. I decided to build a Linux box capable of running modern-ish games. This was in 2015, a time when AMD GPU support on Linux was abominable, so my choice for a video card boiled down to “which Nvidia card?

Grid Computing @ Firepear 2019-05-06
We believe in the power of science and a knowledge-based approach to life in general. So we’re proud to be a part of several community grid computing projects which work to solve open problems in medicine, environmental science, and mathematics. Our work We’re active in World Community Grid, GPUGrid, Einstein@Home, and Primegrid You can check out our stats across all projects, and here’s a quick look at our work on WCG subprojects:

Project Greenhouse 2019-03-06
This is the development diary for Greenhouse, my attempt to build a DIY compute farm in a box. In other words, a multi-machine chassis. 2018-11-01 — Introduction and Plan The core idea is to assemble individual compute nodes on trays, in the most compact way feasible, and then to stack nodes atop each other in an enclosure. The components of each node will be: A tray made from some thin, rigid, wood-based board.

Grid updates 2018 2018-12-31
News and Updates 2018-12-24 After a week offline due to work on Homefarm, all our nodes are back up and crunching to close out the calendar year, and our first year as a team. 2018-12-12 So many milestones here at the end of the calendar year! Today we returned our 100,000th work unit for World Community Grid. 2018-12-03 We are now in the top 2000 teams on WGC, by both points and WUs returned – and we’re still not quite a year old!