Updates 2022
Published: 2022-08-22

2022-08-22 Back at it

WCG is still… testing? in limbo? something.

In the meanwhile, we’ve added DENIS@Home and Milkyway@Home as permanent projects and are crunching on those. Which means that FAH is running again as well.

2022-06-01 Downtime

We’ve shut down crunching for most of the past month, while WCG has been down. We’ll be back when they are.

2022-04-02 More power and less power

Since the last update, all nodes have been upgraded to a 16-core configuration. The 3900Xs, after long and meritorious service, have all been retired. They are replaced with 5950Xs.

Also, summer is now approaching, and the machines are in an un-air-conditioned garage. It is fortunate that the garage is on the side of the house which receives the least amount of sun every day, but still it will get very warm in there. In an effort to continue 24/7 crunching through the summer I will be adjusting PPT limits downward to try to keep things acceptibly cool.

My first adjustment was made today by reducing the PPT of all nodes to 65W – not the AMD Eco Mode “65W”, which is really 88W, but an actual hard cap of 65W package power use. I’ll let this ride for some days (at least until it warms up a bit later in the week) to see what sort of steady-state temperatures and average CPU clocks are reached.

For later comparison, with PPT set to roughly 85W, steady-state temps were around 70-72C most of the time, and pushing north of 75C in the warm afternoons.

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